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Frequently asked questions

If I order the watch and pay for it now, can I be sure that I will get the product this year?

We do our best so that everyone gets their preordered device within the first half of 2019 and will be able to use the service.

How is this watch different from other fitness watches?

The MAP is a device personally calibrated to you. It is supported by rule-based algorithms and an active 24-hours service. The measured data is analyzed by patented algorithms and real doctors: they determine your personal risk factors and search for the first signs of diseases. This makes immediate actions and early treatment of the problems possible, providing the best chance for success.

Does it show the time?

Yes, so it doubles as an excellent everyday watch.

Is it waterproof?

It is moderately splash-proof. You can wash your hands wearing it, but it is not suitable for swimming or diving.

Is a charger included, or is the device compatible with other chargers?

The charger is of course part of the package. It can be connected via a standard USB cable to either a computer or the power line (USB cable also included in the price).

What is the limit of charging cycles of the battery? Is it replaceable?

The internal battery of the watch is designed for at least 1000 charging cycles. It can only be replaced in a specialized service center. A strap with built-in battery will be available as an option – this obviously can be replaced.

Is one charging enough for 24-hour use?

Yes, a complete charging will provide continuous operation for 24 hours. However, this depends on the intensity of usage.